At government level there is serious concern for consumer safety in respect of food. This industry is very sensitive due to human consumption and requires strict control measures and risk management. Moreover, the food industry consists of many sectors with complex global processes that require high technical standards and specialized human resources.

MAPFRE Global Risks is familiar with the complexities of the processes in the food industry which is becoming more and more changeable and competitive and requires the best insurance solutions for the protection of the business. For these reasons, our organizational structure responds to all of the sector´s needs on a global, flexible and efficient basis. We use  a single specialized team for Underwriting, Claims and Other Services, evaluating the risks, catastrophe exposures or the valuation of assets in accordance with the local legal framework and we offer the best solution at all times.

In MAPFRE Global Risks, we support our clients in the implementation and development of a suitable risk management policy, encouraging strong and long-term relationships and introducing innovative solutions for avoiding and preventing possible damage that can mean complete or partial suspension of activities, such as: indirect damage by fire, inflammable vapour explosions, breakdown of machinery and equipment, damage to refrigerated goods, loss of unique products, theft, dependency on suppliers, etc.  Moreover, our solutions for the food industry include protection for damage to third parties o employees arising from the activity, as well as solutions for mitigation and management of the financial risks for large food corporations.

All of our underwriting decisions are decentralised in the local markets in order to ensure and to preserve autonomy in the handling of the risks. We are committed to our clients and work to respond to all of their needs in a personalized way with tailor made solutions. MAPFRE Global Risks is a global company with strong operating capacity and the ability to respond rapidly. We have expertise in offering insurance solutions for the food sector.

In this sense, and particularly for the sensitive food industry, we have developed tools necessary for inspecting risks, identifying accumulations and the calculation of Maximum Exposed Value (MEV) and Probable Maximum Loss (PML).