Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

In MAPFRE Global Risks, we give maximum importance to the operation of responsible and sustainable businesses and offer comprehensive solutions to those sectors that specialize in the present and future industrial fields, i.e. renewable energies.

To achieve this and provide our clients with the most up to date resources, we have a strong technical team that has expertise in the development and design of renewable energy projects and the operations that arise therfrom. In this way, the specific needs and characteristics of our clients can be covered in a direct and comprehensive way.

In recent years, renewable energies, together with sustainable growth and corporate responsibility have become obligatory concerns for society and also one of the main focus points for industrial activity.

During the production and life cycle for renewable energies, both investors, operators and workers are exposed to a wide spectrum of risks in all stages of the process and some elements are exposed to risks that are specific to the sector: damage to property, collapse of machinery and equipment and even financial risks related to the demands for constant updating of technology and the incorporation of the latest studies and advances on clean energy matters.

For these reasons, large corporations and energy providers need to acquire the best comprehensive insurances solutions so that they can respond in a responsible and sustainable way to the great demands of an industry that, whilst alternative, continues to emerge strongly and requires effective and fast service in view of the constant growth in this sector. These solutions must offer the best covers for the renewable energy risks, in the form of insurance products, and adapt intrinsically and in detail to the project in question.

MAPFRE Global Risks offers insurance coverage that is designed and made to measure for those companies that specialize in clean energies, using the latest technology in risks protection and with detailed knowledge of advanced energy processes. Precisely, through protection, innovation and continual contact with the activity in the energy field, the Energy Business Area of MAPFRE has acquired a significant position in the sector of land based wind farms.