Handling Agents

Handling Agents

In MAPFRE Global Risks, within Aviation and Space, we also attend to the needs of handling agents. These companies specialize in assisting aircraft at airports and providing assistance to passengers, from when the plane lands until it takes off again.

The services that we offer to handling agents are structured to cover the risks that arise in every type of company. From our experience, we have defined different products and covers that are adapted perfectly to the specific needs of each client according to its activity. In this respect, we should differentiate between:

  • Cargo Handling: loading and unloading of the cargo carried by the aircraft. This also includes storage and documentation bureaucracy.
  • Passenger Handling: these companies provide all the assistance services for clients within the actual airport, such as information desks, check-in, boarding, etc.
  • Catering: this service specializes in providing food and drink for passengers and crew, as well as the unloading of products not consumed during the flight.
  • Ramp Handling: as opposed to cargo handling, this refers only to luggage. It also encompasses other work such as refuelling, removal of waste water, preparation of the cabin, revision and repair of all aircraft systems and parts, etc.

The companies responsible for providing these different airport services have a large liability. Also, they must have highly trained team with the appropriate knowledge to ensure that everything works to perfection. Organization within the work systems is fundamental as well as safety in the various activities.

MAPFRE Global Risks plays a key role in these complex systems: a rapid response and commitment to minimizing the consequences of any risk are essential for handling agents to be able to carry out their work efficiently and smoothly.