Ratings y solvencia

Ratings y solvencia
Valoración por A.M. Best -
2017 A (Perspectiva Estable)
2016 A (Perspectiva Estable)
2015 A (Perspectiva Estable)
2014 A (Perspectiva Estable)
Valoración por Standard & Poor's -
2018 A (Perspectiva Estable)
2017 A (Perspectiva estable)
2014 A (Perspectiva estable)
2013 BBB+ (Perspectiva negativa)
2012 BBB+ (Perspectiva negativa)
Valoración por Moody's -
2018 A2 (Perspectiva Estable)
2017 A3 (Perspectiva estable)
2016 A3 (Perspectiva estable)
2015 A3 (Perspectiva positiva)
2014 Baa1 (Perspectiva positiva)
2013 Baa2 (Perspectiva negativa)
2012 Aa3 (perspectiva negativa)

MAPFRE Global Risks, the Unit that focuses on the MAPFRE Group´s large corporate clients has doubled in size over the last few years despite market difficulties.

Our financial strength is based on maintaining a healthy balance sheet and a very powerful equity capital structure that makes us the main provider of insurance programmes in the Spanish speaking world.  We undertake permanent risk analysis in order to optimize capital consumption and employ the necessary resources to confront the commitments that arise from the underwriting of Multinational Insurance Programmes.

The solvency of MAPFRE Global Risks is reflected in the ratings issued by the rating agencies. To maintain these ratings for the different markets in which we operate and for our clients is our main challenge. 

A.M. BEST- ‘A’ Excellent

The ratings of MAPFRE RE and MAPFRE Global Risks reflect their integral role within MAPFRE, along with their strong level of operating performance and risk-adjusted capitalisation. The ratings of both companies benefit from the financial strength of MAPFRE and the support provided by the Group […]
Our analysis of MAPFRE's exposure to Spanish assets and its liability profile leads us to rate its core operating entities up to three notches above the foreign currency rating on Spain in 2014 and the first half of 2015.

Standard & Poor's- ‘A’ Stable Outlook

Strong brand recognition and leading, profitable positions of MAPFRE in Spain and Latin America, as well as in the international reinsurance market.

Moody's- ´A3’ Stable Outlook

The A3 Insurance Financial Strengths Rating of MAPFRE Global Risks is two notches above Spain's sovereign rating, which reflects MAPFRE group's strong credit fundamentals and its excellent geographic diversification.